Providing Coulee Region Small Business with below market-rate space and development resources since 1986, and a shared-use commercial kitchen since 1998.  



Serves You Right is a Catering Company with combined experience of over 30 years. They make any event special with tasty food and first class service. Serves You Right joined the CRBC Kitchen in 1997 and expanded right along with the kitchen in 2013... MORE

CRBC success stories  

The Coulee Region Business Center (CRBC) is stepping
back to look at entreprenuerism in its purest form...
creative passion. An idea, expression, movement or
statement that fuels an individual enough ​to take one step
forward. to explore. to leap. 

Isn’t that where all great businesses get their start? 

This summer, the CRBC is opening its ‘overhead’ door to local artists, creators and innovators wanting to explore the depths of their creative passion. The ‘Overhead’ is a 1250 sf classroom equipped with work space for 55 students. We are now accepting class reservations. Our fees are set on a sliding scale based on the number of hours you use the classroom each month.

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1100 Kane Street

La Crosse, Wisconsin  54603

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Let's get creative                                                                    

Located in La Crosse, Wisconsin, CRBC is a full service mixed-use incubator for new and emerging entrepreneurial companies.
We offer member businesses affordable space, support tools, resources and guidance to strengthen their business success
​and graduation into the community. 

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AMV is a manufacturer of a family of consumer and industrial products made from recycled glass, which include: Groomers Stone, Burzoff, Furzoff and Art-Rocks. AMV was one of the first tenants to join the CRBC at its Kane Street location.... MORE