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Who are we?

The CRBC is a not-for-profit small business incubation and support center that features roughly 27,500 Sq. Ft. of rentable space for a variety of industries and uses. Our services extend beyond providing below market-rate rental opportunities. Our Board of Directors is composed of a group of business leaders and owners in the Coulee Region that are devoted to providing a suite of “wrap-around services” that are intended to position our start-up tenants for prosperity.


*The following areas must be included within all business plan submissions.

1. Company Overview

Detail of products/service; background; team; advisors; insurance; permits; licenses required.

​2. Marketing Summary

Industry trends; product/service; target market; competitive review; marketing mix; sales estimates/projections

3. Operational Summary

Suppliers; operating requirements; staffing attributions

4. Financial Summary

Start-up costs; cash flow; operating requirements; annual projections

To download the application, please click on the PDF.

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